paw print Nikki
Nikki - Miniature Schnauzer
Reason for massage: Degenerative joint disease (DJD)
Nikki is a 14 yo male who had a successful agility career in his youth (the picture is taken after competing at the 2010 Canadian National Agility Championships). Over the past 3 years, he has developed spinal degeneration and vertebral fusion which impacts the flexibility in his body. He receives weekly massage treatments with PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) therapy, moist heat application, and his owner also takes him to hydrotherapy and laser.

paw print Dexter
Dexter - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Reason for massage: Systemic arthritis
Dexter is a 11 yo male with significant arthritis mainly in his spine and carpal joints. He receives bi-weekly PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) therapy and massage to decrease the tightness that builds up in the soft tissue around the arthritis and gentle stretching (passive range of motion) to counter muscle contraction.

paw print Cedar
Cedar - Golden Doodle
Reason for massage: Lumbar and shoulder stiffness
Cedar is a 9 yo Golden Doodle who loves her beach time and walks. She was referred to me for soreness in her lumbar, hips and Right shoulder which was exacerbated by exercise. She has benefited from a regular regime of massage and PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) therapy.

paw print Ike
Ike - Boxer
Reason for massage: Previous back injury
Ike is a very playful, active 8 yo Boxer who came to me after a back injury. I continue to treat him to keep him in good shape and he loves every second of it!

paw print Lily
Lily - German Wirehaired Pointer
Reason for massage: Bilateral CCL ruptures + onset arthritis
Lily is a 10 year old who had previously ruptured both cranial cruciate ligaments. Both stifles now have moderate - severe osteoarthritis. Massage and PEMF performed every 2 weeks to increase hind leg flexion and reduce tension in shoulders from offloading.

paw print Ben
Ben the dog - Great Pyrenees / Retriever
Reason for massage: Hind leg injury and early hip dysplasia
Everybody loves Ben the dog! He came to me due to a hind leg injury caused by slipping during an over enthusiastic welcome at the garden gate. As with many large breed dogs, injuries of this nature are compounded by the animal's size. He benefits from weekly massage to sustain his active lifestyle.

paw print Bentley
Bentley - Shepherd X
Reason for massage: Systemic arthritis and neuro issues
Bentley was referred to me at 13 1/2 years old. He had age related issues which were affecting his gait during ambulation. I performed light massage throughout and gentle range of motion exercises on a regular basis to keep his soft tissue as flexible as possible.

paw print Baylea
Baylea - Labrador
Reason for massage: Age-related degeneration
Baylea is a 14 yo female who is in remarkably good health. She had TPLO surgery on her Right stifle in 2005 and has some compensatory systemic tension in her body which massage is helping to alleviate with the aim of keeping her as active as possible.

paw print D'Arcy
DArcy - German Shepherd
Reason for massage: Onset paralysis
D'Arcy is a bright 12 yo GSD who has a slowly degenerative spinal condition which is resulting in loss of hind leg function. She is a spirited girl who enjoys her food and has regular massage therapy to keep her joints as mobile as possible and prevent toxin build-up and resulting inflexibility in her limbs.

paw print Cosmo and Bubbles
Bubbles - Rottweiler
Reason for massage: Spinal cord degeneration
Truly one of the bravest dogs that I have had the pleasure to work with, Bubbles (seen here on the right of the picture) has nerve degeneration due to a compromised spinal cord resulting in decreased mobility and ataxia. He has a thorough deep tissue massage with range of motion exercises to keep key joints as supple as possible.

paw print Lipa
Lipa - German Shepherd
Reason for massage: Maintenance massage
At almost 9 years old, Lipa is exceptional for her age. She is a working dog who is always busy. She excels at Schutzhund - a high level, disciplined sport that requires intelligence, strength, endurance and agility. She receives regular massage to keep her in optimum shape and to help her body recover from the demands of this discipline.

paw print Flyer
Flyer - Catahoula Leopard Dog
Reason for massage: Systemic arthritis
A rare breed for Vancouver, Catahoula Leopard dogs are more commonly found in the southern US states. Flyer is a rare and gentle 14 year old who has systemic arthritis. She benefits from the accumulated effects of weekly massage, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment.

paw print Becker
Becker - Border Collie X
Reason for massage: Compressed discs / fractured vertebrae
Becker suffered a fractured vertebrae and compressed discs in an accident 2 years ago which paralyzed him for a couple of months. He has made steady progress since then and can now run around chasing squirrels again.

paw print Griffin
Griffin - Shepherd / Retriever X
Reason for massage: Tendonitis / lumbar and SI tightness
Griffin presented with tendonitis in his shoulder girdle, lumbar and sacroiliac tightness. He receives regular massage to aid mobility and muscle extensibility. He loves to swim whenever he can.

paw print Baxter
Baxter - Labrador X
Reason for massage: Neck tension
Baxter had been referred through his vet due to significant muscle tension in his neck and scapula. Trigger point therapy alleviated some of the shoulder tightness which improved range of motion in his upper body. He responded well to his massage sessions and is now greatly improved.

paw print Marigold
Marigold - Tabby cat
Reason for massage: Increase flexibility and reduce arthritis onset
Marigold is an elderly cat (15) who benefits from weekly maintenance massage to keep her joints flexible and arthritis at bay.
T_L-word shots 014_1240509595.jpg

paw print Felix
Felix - German Shepherd / Chow
Reason for massage: Trapped nerve
Felix had been referred to me with a painful trapped nerve in the lumbar / sacrum area which prevented him from going upstairs. After massage sessions and chiropractic treatment, he has made a full recovery.

paw print D'Ore
DOre - French Bulldog
Reason for massage: General maintenance - show dog
D'Ore is a 1 year old French Bulldog who has already finished her Canadian Championship winning numerous Best Puppy awards. She is on her way to finishing her American Championship and has regular maintenance massage to enhance her enormous potential.

paw print Rumpole
Rumpole - French Bulldog
Reason for massage: General maintenance
Rumpole is a 4 year old brindle French Bulldog in great overall condition. He enjoys regular massage to maintain an active lifestyle.

paw print Willy
Willy - French Bulldog
Reason for massage: General maintenance - show dog
Willy is a 4 year old French Bulldog who has successfully finished both his Canadian and American Championships. He benefits from ongoing general maintenance massage to keep him in top show dog condition.

paw print Louie
Louie - Golden Doodle
Reason for massage: General maintenance
Louie is a boisterous 1 year old golden retriever / poodle cross. He has massage for general well being and conformation enhancement.
South Surrey

paw print Ollie
Ollie - Golden Retriever
Reason for massage: General maintenance
Ollie is a gentle 4 year old golden retriever who has massage for general well-being.
South Surrey

paw print Flirt
Flirt - Doberman
Reason for massage: Twisted lumbar
Flirt is a 19 month old doberman show dog who has just successfully finished her Canadian championship. She had a twisted lumbar which responded well to massage and chiropractic treatment.

paw print Jayman
Jayman - Doberman
Reason for massage: Bilateral occipital restriction
Jayman is almost 12 years old and is an ex-champion show dog and had been suffering from bilateral occipital restriction. She has benefited from deep tissue massage around her neck and shoulders to loosen her up.

paw print Muppet
Muppet - Bichon Frise
Reason for massage: Rear leg weakness and lack of balance
Muppet is 17 yo and was having coordination difficulties. Perfect massage candidate and has improved steadily and made great progress.
T_Muppet-close up_1237514770.JPG

paw print Lucy
Lucy - Labrador
Reason for massage: Acute muscle tension
Lucy is being treated for acute muscle tension.
T_Lucy in snow_1237497883.jpg

paw print Jake
Jake - German Shepherd
Reason for massage: Arthritis
Jake is being treated for OCD in his elbow and the onset of arthritis in his rear hips.

paw print Billy
Billy - Beagle
Reason for massage: Hip Dysplasia
Billy is being treated for slight hip dysplasia and luxating patellas.