Rehabilitative and therapeutic massage sessions cost $80 (+GST) for one hour.

However, the initial consultation takes 1.5-2 hours and consists of a full evaluation as well as an hour's massage. This costs $140 (+GST).

During the initial consultation, I will draw up a massage plan tailored to the individual needs of your animal.  Evaluation is continually assessed as treatment progresses.

FitPAWS sessions last 1.5-2 hours and cost $140 (+GST). After assessing your dog, I will compile a detailed list of specific exercises that target balance, flexibility and strength training, and suggest equipment to purchase from a retailer.

If you live outside the Vancouver area (ie. North or West Vancouver, or West Burnaby), a mileage/time allowance of $10-15 (depending on location) will be added to the standard massage rate.