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Animal Orthocare - Custom animal braces. Built for your dog's specific injury, we handcraft every brace with high strength polymer, so it will withstand the test of time.

Aqua Paws Hydrotherapy Inc. - Located in the heart of Vancouver, Aqua Paws is the first 'eco-friendly' warm water pool for dogs in the city. They offer one-on-one warm water therapy sessions with a trained and certified staff member, swim exercise, learn to swim, and pre/post surgical rehabilitation packages.

Aquabandit - Ear protection while swimming

Assisi loop - Targeted pulsed electro-magnetic field device

BC SPCA - British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Vancouver

Best Friend Mobility - Adjustable carts to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes

Biko Progressive Resistance Bands - Biko Progressive Resistance Bands provide stability and muscle-building resistance for dogs with hind limb weakness and ataxia.

Canada West Veterinary Specialists - Canada West Veterinary Specialists is a dedicated referral hospital in Vancouver combined with 24/7 emergency care.

DogLeggs - Swim snood - Ear protection while swimming

Eddie’s Wheels - Custom dog wheelchairs for a variety of handicapped pets.

FitPAWS - Experts in Fitness, Conditioning and Canine Rehab products

Handicapped Pets - Dog Wheelchairs, Products, and Support for Disabled, Injured, and Aging Pets

Handicapped Pets Canada - Wheelchairs, harnesses, slings, splints and braces

Help 'Em Up harness - Dog-lifting mobility harness featuring our patented Hip Lift!

K-9 Cart wheelchairs - Products for handicapped and senior pets

K9 Carts - Dog and cat wheelchairs, harnesses and nursing care

K9 Rehab Hydrotherapy - Canine Hydrotherapy - Injury recovery and K9 conditioning

Mutt Luks dog boots - 6 models of dog boots to suit your dog’s activities and climate.

Northwest School of Animal Massage - Northwest School of Animal Massage, US providing equine and canine massage courses

Pet Smart - dog wheelchair - Best Friend Mobility Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

Rex Hotel - Rex Dog Hotel + Spa, Vancouver

Simply Natural Raw Pet Food - Simply Natural Raw Pet Food is based in Vancouver's Kerrisdale. Let us help you feed your cat and dog the way Nature intended.

Used Dog Wheelchairs - Classified ad listing site for used wheelchairs

Voyagers K9 Apparel booties - Dog boots designed to fit and stay on specific dog breeds.

Western Canada Veterinary Eye Specialists - The only Veterinary Ophthalmology clinic in B.C.. This is a specialty clinic in New Westminster for animals suffering from eye diseases or vision problems.